Simple daily acts transformed through scent

"Having founded my own fragrance brand, Tom Daxon, 10 years ago, I understand what scent can do. When you properly connect with a scent, it can transport and transform."

A story of scent

Just as for Tom Daxon fragrances, gloved's scents are made in the fragrance capital of the world, Grasse. They are the result of a long-running collaboration between the Chabert family of perfumers and Tom.

IRIDIUM formed the inspiration for gloved's 'Cedarwood' scent.

How does something as routine as washing one’s hands become a small moment to savour? When you love the scent. 

That brief, necessary action becomes something more. A restorative, mood-lifting, stress-cleansing moment for oneself.

Hand care, contributing to self care.

Tom, founder

"gloved allows me to use my understanding of what makes a great fragrance to create more of these moments, for more people, more of the time."